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Dimensional Letters on Acrylic Stand-Off Sign

“My skin care center had an amazing experience with Signs Designed of Charlotte! I worked with Cassidy, who was very patient with me until every detail was just right. The sign was done on schedule and just beautiful. I highly recommend them.” - Michele from Pure Skin Care Center

Our team loves receiving feedback from our customers. Thanks Michele, for the review! We are so thrilled you loved your sign and were satisfied with our customer service.

Our team is dedicated to working with our customers to make sure their finished product is exactly what they envisioned!

This sign is made of 1/4" Thick Frosted Acrylic Back panel, with 1" Thick Flat Cut & Matte Painted Acrylic Letters, and 1/8" Thick Acrylic Letters that are also matte painted to match. These are tape mounted with adhesive to the back panel and is mounted with 1" Silver Brushed aluminum stand offs in the corners. What a statement piece for this lobby!

Our team is ready to assist your business with the perfect lobby and interior signs!


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