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Channel Letters for Breyelle

Our latest project was Channel Letters for Breyelle Beauty Supply in Kannapolis, NC. A standard raceway containing all electrical connections and components, including the power supplies. The return on the letters are standard 5" painted aluminum construction. The letters are 3/16 white acrylic with translucent color vinyl laminate. The acrylic is attached to the cans with extruded plastic band called trim cap. These letters are illuminated with 12V LEDS that last a long time. Attached is a capsule made with same specifications.

A big thank you to the Breyelles team for allowing us the opportunity to complete this project. Please go check out Breyelles opening on November 16th and support local businesses around you.

If you are looking for storefront signage call us, Signs Designed, at 704.332.4800 or email us at


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