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Don't Do it.

I should have listened to the voice in my head that said don't do it, but I didn't. When you're knee deep in jobs and running a router, laser, and plotters at the same time while weeding graphics by yourself one tends to make split decisions when they know they shouldn't. In the middle of a full workload I became vulnerable to the fact that you don't quote jobs without doing your due diligence. So when my GM asked for a quote for installing a post and panel in Garner, NC I blurted out the usual number. My thoughts were Gardner-Webb is only an hour away and these post and panels are mostly at cleared construction sites easy to install. Not the case, this install is 3.5 hours away toward Raleigh with heavy afternoon traffic and 20 yards into a briar patch up to my chest with the hardest ground ever. After two hours of digging, I didn't get home until late in the evening. The moral to this story is don't do it. If you get the urge to cut corners and quote something off the cuff please rethink it. Do your research, do a site survey if possible, and gather enough information for an appropriate quote. This is the first and last time I wing it.


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