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Wholesale Channel Letter Installation & Permitting Services

Check out a wholesale installation our team completed for a local salon this week. Illuminated Channel Letter Signs are an impactful choice in exterior signage for businesses. The substantial presence of this sign is eye-catching from a distance, provides business visibility at night, and is durable to last for many years. Many property managers prefer the use of raceways for these to prevent excessive damage to the building faces as tenants change over time. For this particular project, our team removed an existing raceway and replaced it with the new signage for the next tenant. The use of the raceway for these signs, as you can see, prevented any visible imperfections to the building facade. Raceways also conceal electrical components for these illuminated signs, providing a clean visual design of the business name and logo. Although the picture doesn't do this justice due to the sun on it, the raceway for this project was painted to match the brick it was mounted on. This is another aspect of this option that provides a beautiful look for the first impression of your business, letting the text & logo stand prominent.

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