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The Rise of Hanging Signage

Hanging Signage is a popular and trending exterior signage option. In 2020, we completed several hanging exterior signs around the Charlotte area. It's a fun and aesthetically pleasing alternative to storefront signage.

Some hanging signs have arms mounted to the storefront with eye hooks where signs can be hung. In December 2020, we had the opportunity to work with Lennon Boutique to create this gold and BOLD sign.

Arms for mounting have various sizes which include 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft. This allows for the weight of a high quality sign to stay secure, especially during storms.

For Lennon Boutique's exterior sign, we painted a customer provided aluminum frame a metallic gold shade. We then attached a white acrylic face to both sides of the frame. Our customer chose to add more detail to her hanging sign by selecting a raised dimensional letter for her logo. The letters were cut out of 1/4" acrylic and painted metallic gold to match the frame.

Outdoor signage is extremely important for advertising and showcasing your brand. By investing in a quality exterior sign, you can market your business 24 hours a day. The cost of a sign will quickly pay for itself as exterior signage helps attract 75% of your customer base. Signage is great for increasing brand awareness and setting the tone about your company. A good sign can tell those passing by who you are, what you do, and where you are located.

We believe hanging signs will continue to trend in 2021 because of their sleek and modern design. This upscale exterior sign option is customizable in size, material, color, and dimension. If you are thinking of starting your own company or if you'd like to re-brand your business, one of our sales representatives at Signs Designed of Charlotte would be happy to help!

With 25+ years of professional sign industry experience, our production team can create your dream sign or suggest ideas for inspiration. We pride ourselves on our great service and quality work. As a local and family owned sign company, we are committed to always giving our best price.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (704) 332-4800 or send us an email at

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