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It's Time to Replace your Old Business Sign

Most businesses will purchase a storefront sign before they open. That's when everything is new, clean and exciting. Customers take notice of your new business and gets excited by what the new sign represents. It's a great time for your business. But what happens years or decades latter when the newness and clean look of your sign has long gone. So too has the excitement. This is where the business owners always seem to overlook. If you do not invest in your Storefront Sign ( the face of the business ) periodically then you may be loosing customers or attracting the wrong type of customers for your business. It could be time to replace your sign. Here are some reasons you should replace your storefront sign.

An outdated business sign is bad for business. After a decade of hanging over your business, signs get overlooked and irrelevant. Your sign simply just blends in and that's not what you want for your business. The design, font and colors could be outdated. This is a direct reflection of your business. If so, then It's time to invest in some high-quality business signs with the latest fonts, graphics, and colors to give your business a new look.

Your sign is too small. This could be from starting a new business and having a smaller budget for signage. Customers looking for a business like yours may find it difficult to locate your business due to the smaller sign with little font that hard to read. By getting a new and prominent storefront sign, your targeted customers will notice your business while in traffic and from a further distance giving you more business. Busy customers can only notice your signage if it's attractive enough and large enough to capture their attention from a distance. Bigger is better they say.

Your sign is illegible and unattractive. The aim of having a storefront sign is to capture new customer's attention and lead them to your business. It's impossible to capture new customer's attention if your sign is illegible and not attractive. You will not drive customer's to your business with poor designs and illegible fonts and logos. If you upgrade to a new modern sign with better design, bigger fonts and a readable logo then customers will be more excited to visit your business.

Change is good for business. An old storefront sign blends into the background and gets lost with customers. You hardly realize it's even there at one point. Customers just simply get used to it. If your sign has been hanging in front of your store for decades then it's time to replace it. You should consider some new graphics, design, fonts, shape and colors when choosing a new sign.

Time to Rebrand your Business. Another reason you should replace your storefront sign with a new one is to rebrand your business. Updating your brand helps you attract new customers to your location. It's an opportunity to improve your business along with the signage. This will bring the excitement back for you and the customers.

Don't neglect the most important aspect of your business. Invest in a NEW sign today and get the excitement back along with new customers. Don't wait another decade. Signs Designed can help by calling 704.332.4800


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