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Give Back with a Mission

As the year slowly comes to an end, our team reflects on various aspects of our business in order to continuously grow and serve our customers better. The most rewarding highlight of our year has by far been our new relationship with the Allegro Foundation. We had discussed for some time finding a way to give back to our community. When we were approached by the Allegro Foundation, we KNEW we had to be a part of the work they were doing! This organization combines movement instruction with educational medical expertise to teach children with disabilities. Allegro teaches over 800 children with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, orthopedic challenges (wheelchairs and walkers), spina bifida, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, muscular dystrophy, visual and hearing impairments, children “at-risk”, and children living with cancer in FREE classes every week! We love supporting this organization by providing signage for their various fundraising events through the year as well as support through other avenues.

As many of our customers know, Signs Designed of Charlotte specializes in ADA signage (signs required by the American Disability Act) that allow individuals with disabilities to more easily navigate businesses, schools, and public places. These signs are extremely important to these individuals and the significance of them is often overlooked by others. We are committed to staying up to date on all current ADA signage requirements and providing quality and accurate signs to our customers because we know it matters to those who depend on these signs!

Thank you Allegro Foundation for all the work that you do in our community and for championing children with disabilities!


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