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Exterior Signage to Build Community Presence

Announce your presence from all sides! Many shopping centers offer businesses road visibility on multiple sides of a building. Businesses can maximize this space with exterior signage to attract a larger volume of customers. Since exterior signs are likely what people first notice about a business, it is a smart marketing and advertising move to utilize this as much as possible. The investment in custom exterior signage can draw thousands of customers to your business and build more of a community presence as your business name is seen more frequently. Check out this project we recently completed for our friends at Kind Karma, a brand new Yoga & Holistic center located off Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd. We did two illuminated Channel Letter signs on raceways for both the front and back sides of their building. Our team of experts brought this project through concept, design, permitting, manufacturing and installation. We are totally obsessed with the outcome! If you are in need of an exterior illuminated channel letter sign or other storefront signage, our team is happy to assist. Give us a call at 704-332-4800 or email us at as we walk you through this simple and easy way to drive traffic to your business!

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