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Fabricated Aluminum Letters

Fabricated aluminum is a great lettering option for exterior uses. They hold a lasting quality in appearance as they are durable, offer secure mounting with studs. As one of the more popular options for exterior signage, aluminum fabricated letters provide the option of larger or thicker letters without the additional weight factors that can come with doing solid flat cut or cast aluminum letters. The pictures below show the front and back views of a letter. Note the crisp clean front and sides of the areas of visibility. Inside the back, you will see the secure attachments for the studs once it is ready for installation.

If you are unsure if flat cut, fabricated or molded/cast letters would work best for you next project, give us a call and our team of experts will discuss your specific needs and advise on if fabricated aluminum letters are your best option! Call today at 704-322-4800

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