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Construction "On-Site" Signs

Some days Charlotte feels like one big construction site. The amount of construction that has taken place in the last few years in Charlotte has caused what seems like an extreme home makeover for the city. As Charlotte continues to grow and be a thriving location for new and existing businesses, there is an increasing demand for new construction and renovations of older areas of Charlotte. If you are a Charlotte native (Charlottian), you may not notice ALL the changes happening around you, aside from the annoyance of traffic problems caused by the familiar sight of hundreds of orange construction cones. However, Charlotte has become a huge area for prospective building, renovations and changes. As a sign company, we are well aware of the projects in our area within a one year time frame. Each of these construction projects require signage, even before construction is complete. Construction on-site signage keeps workers and pedestrians safe by informing them of risks and dangers around them. They also inform the community of upcoming changes to their area. We all know that curiosity when we see a demolition. We wonder and speculate what new shops, restaurants, housing or offices will soon take the place of the pile of rubble. This post and panel sign announces the big reveal of what is to come. Signs like this announce new possibility, new growth, and a new Charlotte. Some may only see a sign. We see a changing Charlotte. Signs Designed of Charlotte is excited to be part of projects like these that will create a bigger and better Charlotte, and continuing the legacy of Charlotte as a city of growth and opportunity for new businesses.

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