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Acrylic Wall Sign

Who desn't love shopping on Etsy? They have a wide span of artisans who offer custom art and craft items, handmade items, and antiques. Some people wouldn't think of signs as art or "handmade" but that's exactly what they are! Our handmade signs are designed, crafted, and manufactured. Did you know that Signs Designed of Charlotte is on Etsy?! That's right! Visit our shop to find fun creative projects like this. We recently made three of these 24" X 24" Acrylic Wall Signs for Sellect Realty in Georgia. This particular sign provides the clean, sophisticated look of a glass sign, with our the high breakage risk that is common with glass signs. These signs are very customizable, as we can meet your preferred dimensions based on the amount of wall space you have available. We have the ability to do multiple colored vinyl to match your branding. Don't see a dimension listed on our shop that you want? Simply message or call us and we will put together a custom listing for you!

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