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Window Signs

There are many different sign types out there. This particular type is referred to as a window sign. As you can see it has a clear window where a sheet of paper can be slid behind in order to display either a logo, or information. This is a great option for office spaces as employees may change office suites or private offices may need to have an employee name or title changed out periodically. This options allows businesses to maintain signage without having to replace a sign as employees or room assignments change. Once these signs are in place, our team can easily print professional quality inserts to replace outdated inserts. This option saves businesses from spending unnecessary funds on replacing entire signs frequently. This is also a great option for displaying evacuation maps. This brushed silver sign in particular also displays the room number in raised letters and braille, making it ADA compliant. If you or your company are interested in seeing if this is an appropriate option for your next signage project, let us know. Our project manager would love to schedule a free consultation with you.

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