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Refurbishing your sign saves you money.

Even the best well-made signs fall apart, fades or just gets a little dinged up over time. Exterior signs are continually subjected to the elements. Weather like rain, freezing temperatures, UV rays from the sun, or even wind can really beat up a sign. When this occurs, you obviously need to repair and restore your sign. And that is were we come in. Our Team of experts can extend the life of your sign by years. This may seem overwhelming, but rest assured, it is well worth the cost to repair your exterior or interior signage. And believe it or not, it doesn’t have to get too expensive. Sometimes just a simple paint job can do the trick. If you’re interested in learning more about how your sign can be refurbished or repaired then call us at 704.332.4800 and let's get started.

B & G Lieberman Co. Inc. called us and asked if we could refurbish some old letters. Yes, we were up for the challenge. These letters have been stored away in a box for months if not years.

So we got to work. Our Team cleaned them, repaired them, constructed a template, and installed them today. Looks great for some old letters.

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