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Quick Turnaround TCO & ADA Compliant Signs in Charlotte

Tick Tick Tick... The clock is ticking and your it's time for your TCO inspection. We've got you covered!

TCO or "Temporary certificates of occupancy" are generally acquired when a building is still under minor construction, but there is a certain section or number of floors that are deemed to be habitable, and, upon issuance of TCO, can legally be occupied or sold. However, there are some signage requirements that must be met to receive it. Signs Designed of Charlotte prioritizes requests for TCO signage as these projects have strict deadlines and a lot hangs in the balance for the General Contractor to receive their TCO and we understand that.

There can be a few reasons why TCO signage would be desired. If minor construction such as painting is still ongoing in a building that needs to have occupants, a GC would not want risk damage to their permanent signage. We typically design TCO signage to meet required sizes but if possible, to be slightly smaller with less tape for mounting to prevent any visible damage to walls once replaced. Since these signs are usually very temporary, sometimes an unexpected expense, we work with our customers to suggest simple and cost effect designs and materials for these signs. The picture below shows 1/8" black sintra bathroom sign with the required braille and 1/32" raised tactile lettering and ADA compliant graphics.

So if you are a GC, next time you are in a jam with a TCO inspection- we're your guys! Give us a call and we can almost always meet your quick turnaround inspection.

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