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We frequently do vehicle graphics for US DOT numbers. Our team can either do vinyl graphics applied directly to the vehicle or we can apply them to magnets. Although most large transportation companies prefer the direct graphics, some of our customers drive vehicles that they may not have ownership of. So magnets are the best option for them. However, some trucks or vehicles have curves in the design of the doors which can allow airflow under vehicle magnets which can cause them to fly off when driving at higher speeds. One solution to this common problem for vehicles having this issue is to separate the magnets into sections that can be positioned away from these curves or ridges to prevent the airflow problem from occurring. This allows the magnets to stay in place. Call today to order vinyl graphics or vehicle magnets for your US DOT number at 704-332-4800 #vehiclegraphics #usdotnumber #usdotnumbergraphics #charlottevehiclegraphics #charlottevehiclemagnets

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