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CMS Bond for New Schools in Charlotte

As Charlotte continues to be one of the fastest growing cities, in America. With rapid growth, cities are presented with new issues. With this growth, schools in Charlotte have become overcrowded and funding has been stretched to meet the demands of a growing student population. Last week voters approved a nearly $1 Billion CMS bond in Charlotte. The bond would provide 1,250 new or renovated classrooms for more than 20,000 children. This would relieve overcrowding, expand access to some of our schools' most popular programs and create spaces worthy of teachers and students without increasing taxes. Signs Designed of Charlotte is excited that the city will be investing in the futures of students, and look forward to being a part of some of these upcoming projects.We have extensive experience providing signage packages to local schools. Below is an example of some signage we provided to a CMS school a few months ago. #cmsbond

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